Privacy Policy

Welcome to the office of Dr. Arzu Ersoy. We are so pleased that you have chosen our team to meet your dental needs. We know that clearly defining our office policies from the beginning is the key to establishing both clear communication and a trusted relationship with our patients. Our goal is to provide you with the best care possible and to minimize confusion about your treatment, appointments, and financial expectations.

APPOINTMENTS: We do our best to accommodate our patients. We try very hard to offer you appointments that fit into your individual schedule and that do not jeopardize the scheduled appointments of our other patients. With respect, we require a 48 hrs notice for any appointment(s) that needs to be changed, rescheduled, or cancelled. Our office staff has been informed to enforce this policy and we do charge a fee of $50.00 per each  hour missed. If two appointments are broken without sufficient notice, you may be at risk of being dismissed from the practice. We understand your time is valuable. The time we reserve for you in our office is specifically set aside for your personal appointment. When you miss or break your appointment then time is lost that could have been utilized for the care of another patient/ procedure. In addition, extra time is needed to refill the schedule and reserve the necessary material for a different procedure on another patient “if” we are able to recover the time. We do all we can as a courtesy to remind you (via text, e-mail, or phone call) of the time you reserved with us. Please remember to keep your contact information updated. It is ultimately your responsibility to let us know if your information has changed or if your appointment needs to be changed.

PERSONAL INFORMATION UPDATE: We may periodically (every 2 years) ask you to update your information records with us. This may include your Patient Registration, Insurance, HIPAA authorization, and Health History forms. In addition, we request that you keep your address, contact numbers, and insurance carrier information updated throughout our professional relationship. This is requested so that we are able to communicate with you and extend the best service we can.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Your appointment fee, which may include your insurance deductible, insurance co-payment, estimated treatment cost, etc. will be due AT THE TIME of service. Our office DOES NOT extend a payment plan BUT we do offer a payment option through CARECREDIT. Please let our office coordinators know if you would like more information or if you would like to apply for this service. We would be happy to assist you through the application process.

INSURANCE:  As a courtesy, we will file your (In Network) PRIMARY dental planPlease note that your insurance carrier may reduce some procedures to a lesser cost or even deny the payment of some procedures. Due to this and other uncertain circumstances, we can only provide you with an estimate for treatment. Your estimated portion will be due the time treatment is rendered.

RETURNED CHECKS:  Any checks returned due to insufficient funds will be subject to a $35.00 return check fee. The funds returned plus the returned check fee amount must be paid within 5 business days. Any funds not paid within this time allowed may be turned over to COLLECTIONS for further processing. We may reserve the right to deny any further check payments in the future.

COLLECTION/ PAST DUE ACCOUNTS: Accounts that are not paid according to the FINANCIAL Policy may be turned over to an independent Collection Agency at our discretion. In the event that your account is turned over to a 3rd party agency, you will be responsible for all fee incurred in the collection of your account.